Food & Wine

La Brenta

Restaurant and pizzeria with panoramic terrace and breathtaking view. Excellent Pizzas and typical dishes of the area.
SP1, 69, Montemezzo - +39.0344.84110


Restaurant and pizzeria just steps from the lake. Restaurant with outdoor seating.
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 11, Sorico - +39.0344.84124

Osteria La Contrada

Restaurant in the ancient center of Domaso. Nice and popular local in the area.
Via Boschetto, 49, Sorico - +39.371.1941571

Il Beccaccino

Elegant restaurant at the mouth of the Mera river. Fish and typical dishes.
Via Boschetto, 49, Sorico - +39.0344.84241

La Trave

Traditional restaurant with a family atmosphere. In the hills near the lake.
SP5, 1750 Via Provinciale, Stazzona - +39.349.1830195

Trattoria dei Platani

Typical restaurant in the beautiful village of Rezzonico. Typical dishes, home cooking.
Via Terra di Rezzonico, 26, San Siro - +39.0344.50139

Ristorante Pizzeria Lario

Next the tourist port and the lakefront of Gera Lario. Large parking spaces.
Via Statale Regina, 65, Gera Lario - +39.0344.84686

Bars & Ice Cream

Bar Pace

Delicious bar near the lake promenade and the tourist port of Gera Lario. Perfect for breakfasts, afternoon breaks and, above all, excellent aperitifs. Friendly and always helpful.
Address: SS340dir, 51, 22010 Gera Lario CO

Bar Sandro

Cigarettes and bus tickets. Along the Stalata near the church of Gera Lario.
Via Statale Regina, 65, Gera Lario - +39.334.2423472

Bar Gelateria Pochintesta

Located in the center of Domaso, the restaurant is ideal for a relaxing break. Excellent location, cocktails and homemade ice cream.
Address: Piazza Ghislanzoni, 1, 22013 Domaso CO

Gelateria Dell'Olmo

Historical ice cream shop in Gravedona. Friendly staff, excellent homemade ice cream and location on the lake near the beautiful Domaso promenade.
Address: Piazza Erminio Ciceri, 11, 22015 Gravedona CO


Domaso beach

One of the places from which to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun by the lake is without doubt the Domaso beach. Accessible from the nearby parking.
Indirizzo: Via Regina, 209, Domaso

San Vincenzo beach

Right at the end of the descent from Montemezzo, near the Rio San Vincenzo, there is the homonymous little beach. Pretty and easily accessible in a short time.
Indirizzo: Via San Vincenzo, Gera Lario

Serenella beach

The Gravedona beach par excellence is the Serenella, at the mouth of the river Liro. Equipped with parking lots and a small bar, a lovely and wide pebble and sand beach.
Indirizzo: Viale Scuri, Gravedona

Lakeside walks

Gera Lario

Long walk immersed in the nature of the lakefront. The route extends from the tourist port of Gera Lario to the small beach of Sorico. Guaranteed relaxation.
Indirizzo: Porto Turistico, Gera Lario


Walk near the lake full of clubs and shops often frequented by street vendors stalls. You can also take advantage of the sailing boarding on the lake.
Indirizzo: Via Lungolario Polti, Colico Piano


Fascinating walk from the center of Gravedona to the beautiful Palazzo Gallio. A particular glimpse of the lake overlooked by many ancient houses of the town.
Indirizzo: Piazza Trieste, Gravedona


Latteria Valtellina

Discover the genuine and unique taste of milk and mountain cheeses from the 'Latteria Valtellina'. Dairy products and other typical products of Valtellina and Upper Lake
Indirizzo: Via Statale, 178, Dongo

Il Negozietto

In the small Domaso shop you will find many specialties of the area. Wines, cheeses, meats, cakes and more are waiting for you to accompany your stay on Lake.
Indirizzo: Piazza Oreste Gislanzoni, 3, Domaso

Iperal Fuentes

Large shopping center equipped and useful for every need: supermarket, hairdresser, telephony, fast-food, clothing and more.
Indirizzo: Via la Rosa, 354, Piantedo

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