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Something about Us

The Residence Casa Rosa is located in Trezzone, a village in the upper Lake Como that stretches out on the gentle hill between Gera Lario and Domaso. The wonderful location of the structure offers each guest a unique view of the Pian di Spagna, the lake and a wonderful glimpse of Valtellina. The Residence Casa Rosa is familiar, relaxing, peaceful, suitable for children and families but also for couples and groups of young people; suitable for everyone!

Large sunny or shady green areas for guests who love relaxation, swimming pool and fitness area for the more dynamic ones, but also the barbecue area, will make the stay suitable for every need.

Select the period and the most suitable apartment for you to start enjoying all the comfort offered by the Residence Casa Rosa.


Farm & Accommodations

The Residence Casa Rosa represents the hospitality part of the Sensone Farm.

In our farm we take care of the cultivation of small fruits with which we make exquisite 100% natural jams and jellies.
Also our honey, product of our own bees, with all the aromas and flavors of mountain flowers .
We also have a small vegetable garden which you can draw from during your stay and from which we obtain delicious preserves to enjoy a bit of summer in the cold months of the year

At the Residence you will also find a wide selection of our products:

  • Berries
  • Honey
  • Jams
  • and so on...


The Residence

Casa Rosa awaits you for total relaxation

Enjoy all the comfort provided by the services and common areas

Residence Casa Rosa

The Aparments

To each his own

Our proposals for accommodation are able to meet the needs of small families but also to large groups of vacationers

Residence Casa Rosa

The Farm

Our products

At our facility you will find a wide range of products from the farm, to sweeten your relaxation.

Residence Casa Rosa


Our Structure

The Residence Casa Rosa offers its guests a series of inevitable services for those who want to enjoy their holiday without worries, in tranquility and in maximum comfort.
Once through the gate of the hotel, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Residence pampered by all its services.

Public areas

Shaded patio
Outdoor dining area
Fitness Area
Laundry (paid)

Most popular services


One of the pearls of the Residence Casa Rosa is the splendid outdoor swimming pool. Water for the delight of children and sunbathing for adults will not be lacking in your holidays. Next to the pool there is also a small fitnes area for the more dynamic guests.

Relax area

In the hottest hours to spend at the residence, the shaded patio is the ideal way to enjoy the gentle breath of the breva, an afternoon typical wind of the upper Lake Como area

Barbecue and dining area

What would a family holiday be without the pleasure of enjoying a nice barbecue together. So that you do not miss this, a barbecue dedicated to expert cooks is available with next dining area with table and benches always in stone, shaded by olive trees, for a quick lunch or a romantic dinner with a wonderful view of our beloved Lake..

Trezzone - Weather forecasts
Breathe and enjoy the view
If you want to see the valleys, climb on top of the mountain. If you want to see the top of the mountain, rise above the cloud.
But if you try to understand the cloud, close your eyes and think.
Khalil Gibran



Residence Casa Rosa is an activity of the Sensone Agricultural Company. The passion for nature, the satisfaction of seeing grow, harvest and share the fruits of our crops, are the engine of our adventure!

Small Fruits
blueberries and raspberries
jams and jellies
honey of our bees


Accommodations and prices

By using direct booking from our site, you can take advantage of the best rates for your stay.


You can check the availability of the accommodation also for long term, see the rates in a simple and clear way.

Prices Bregagno Berlinghera Legnone
Low Season 1 105 €130 €160 €
High Season 2 155 €170 €220 €
Holidays 3 200 €250 €300 €
Final Cleaning40 €40 €70 €
Utilities 4 50 €50 €70 €

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-2- From 6/04/2021 to 3/10/2021
-3- From 21/12/2020 to 6/1/2021, from 1 to 5/4/2021 and from 23/12/2021 to 9/1/2022
-4- Electricity and Gas one-off


How to reach us

Join the Resindece at our private parking in Via Provinciale 43A a Trezzone

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